The Ministry of Finance was established by the special Manifesto on September 8, 1802 to be responsible for the “management of official and state units, delivering income to the government in amounts needed to maintain it, as well as general assignment of income for different items of government expenditure”.


The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is a federal executive body. The official abbreviation is Minfin of Russia.


The head of the ministry is Anton Germanovich Siluanov, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Year of establishment of the Ministry



To promote economic development, equitable distribution of national income, financial stability and national security through the efficient and prudent management of public finances, development and enhancement of the reliability of the financial system of the Russian Federation


  • True service to the State and society
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Effectiveness
Anton Siluanov

Deputy Finance Ministers

Leonid Gornin
First Deputy Finance Minister
Alexey Sazanov
State Secretary - Deputy Finance Minister
Pavel Kadochnikov
Deputy Finance Minister
Vladimir Kolychev
Deputy Finance Minister
Alexey Lavrov
Deputy Finance Minister
Alexey Moiseev
Deputy Finance Minister
Irina Okladnikova
Deputy Finance Minister
Ivan Chebeskov
Deputy Finance Minister


  • Control and Administration Department
  • Department of Budget Methodology and Public Sector Financial Reporting
  • Department of Tax Policy
  • Department of Public Debt and Sovereign Financial Assets
  • Department of Financial Policy
  • Inter-budget Relations Department
  • Department of Regulation of Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing
  • Legal Department
  • Department of Budget Policy in the Sphere of State Military and Law-enforcement Service and State Defense Order
  • Administrative Department
  • Department for Budget Policy in the Social Sphere and Science
  • Department of Budget Policy in the Field of Labor and Social Protection
  • Department of Budget Policy in Public Administration, Judiciary, and State Civil Service
  • Department of Budgetary Policy and Strategic Planning
  • Department of Organization of Budgeting and Administration of the Federal Budget
  • Department of International Financial Relations
  • Department for External Restrictions Control of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
  • Department of Budget Policy in Economic Sectors
  • Department of Project Finance and Investment Policy
  • Department of Information Technology in Governmental and Municipal Finance Management and Information Support of Budgeting
  • Department of State Regulation in the Sphere of Precious Metals and Precious Stones
  • Department of Revenues
  • Department of Budget Policy in Government Procurement
  • Project Management and Personnel Development Department
  • Department of Result-Oriented Planning and Efficiency of Budget Expenditures
  • Department of Customs Policy and Alcohol and Tobacco Markets Regulation
  • Department of Property Relations Regulation
  • Department of Information and Analytical Activities
  • Department for Analysis of the Effectiveness of Preferential Tax Treatments

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Federal Services and Agencies

There are no territorial bodies and representative offices abroad of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation