Resignation of the Fiscal Agent of the Russian Federation Eurobonds

02 June 2022 10:45

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation informs that in accordance with the Fiscal Agency Agreements for Russian Federation Eurobonds issues No. 12840068V “Russia-2023” (ISIN XS0971721450, US78307ADG58),
MK-0-CM-119 “Russia-2028” (ISIN XS0088543193, US78307AAE38), 12840061V “Russia-2042” (ISIN XS0767473852, US78307ADE01), 12840069V “Russia-2043” (ISIN XS0971721963, US78307ADH32) the Citibank, N.A., London Branch on May 24, 2022 has resigned in its capacities as Fiscal Agent, Registrar, Transfer Agent and Paying Agent.

The Paying Agent and other functions with regard to these Eurobonds issues were transferred to the National Settlement Depository in accordance with the Russian law.