On the settlement of the situation around the redemption of Russia-2022 Eurobonds

02 June 2022 10:45

With regards to the information that several holders of the Russia- Eurobonds issue No. 12840060V “Russia-2022” (ISIN XS076E7472458 / US78307ADC45) have unsettled claims against the Russian Federation to pay additional interest for the period from the established date of redemption of these bonds (April, 4th 2022) till the date of the actual transfer of funds to the bondholders the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation informs.

The funds were delivered to investors after the date set by the issuance documentation due to failure of foreign counterparties of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to comply with the relevant bonds redemption procedure. At the same time, some investors consider the delay in this payment, caused solely by the actions of foreign financial intermediaries, as a consequence of the issuer's intentional use of borrowed funds beyond the established maturity date.

Acting in good faith the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation informs that it is ready to consider and, if there are sufficient grounds, to settle all claims regarding the fulfillment of debt obligations under “Russia-2022” Eurobonds on bilateral basis.

The requests can be delivered to e-mail addresses: debt@minfin.gov.ru and eurobonds@nsd.ru. All requests will be considered promptly.