Representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Central African Republic held a meeting at the Kimberley Process Plenary

10 November 2021 18:50

The Kimberley Process Chair, Deputy Minister of Finance, Alexey V. Moiseev, held a working meeting with the Minister of Mineral Resources and Geology of the Central African Republic (CAR), Ruffin Binam Biltoungou on November 11, 2021. It was dedicated to the full resumption of African State’s participation in the Kimberley Process (KP). The meeting took place within the framework of the KP Plenary being held in Moscow this week.

The parties discussed topics related to the CAR's proposals to assess the compliance of certain regions with the minimum requirements of the KP Certification Scheme (KPCS) to facilitate the consequent decision on full participation of CAR in the KP. In addition, it was discussed how current mechanism for coordinating the export of rough diamonds in the regions correlates with the minimum KPCS requirements. These issues will also be deliberated by the KP Participants at this week’s Plenary session.

“The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated its support for the efforts of the Central African Republic to restore state control procedures over diamond mining throughout the country. Also, to strengthen administrative procedures for the export / import of rough natural diamonds into and from the Republic,” Alexey V. Moiseev said at the meeting.

The post-verification mechanism adopted in 2019 provides for the supply of rough diamonds from the eight so-called “green” zones that is under KP’s quarterly supervision of sample assessments to verify statistical data, the composition and structure of diamonds mined in these regions.